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A boutique strategy consulting company specialised in European life insurance


Assisting companies in the development of their insurtech and legalech ventures


FIMI is expert in the European life insurance industry. We build on our expert knowledge and on-going market monitoring to anticipate new market trends and new challenges in European life insurance markets.


FIMI is a boutique company, providing fully tailored strategic consulting and market research to its clients. We value a close collaboration with our clients.

FIMI is an independent company, developing its own intelligence and analysis tools. We offer totally unbiased advice to our clients.


FIMI works in partnership with independent consultancies in various European countries and is a member of several expert platforms.

In 2019, FIMI launched FimiTech, dedicated to the development of innovative technolological solutions for insurers but also in other areas such as legal businesses. In 2021, FimiTech launched TradeYourMark in partnership with Stéphanie Guichot.


Septembre 2021

FimiTech publishes an article on the application of machine learning techniques to ALM modelling, based on an interesting project with an international actuarial consultancy

April 2021

FimiTech launched TradeYourMark in partnership with Stéphanie Guichot. TradeYourMark proposes an innovative approach to the creation of trademarks, by applying the concept of upcycling to the creation process.

July 2020

Publication of an article on life insurance product design in France in Agefi Luxembourg