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In a highly competitive environment, decision-makers in insurance and financial services companies require leading-edge market analysis to help them make informed strategic decisions on topics such as potential market entry, product strategy or distribution strategy.

FIMI brings its market expertise and extensive experience to its clients to help them analyse new challenges and anticipate market opportunities. 

Our approach consists in:

  • Learning lessons from past market developments and understanding new trends
  • Anticipating new market opportunities
  • Assessing the strategic value of these new opportunities for our client
  • Analysing whether the client has the capabilities to exploit these opportunities or how it can build these capabilities
  • Defining an action plan

FIMI follows closely all new developments in the European insurance industry.

This is achieved through a comprehensive and critical analysis of publicly available infomation published by all the players involved in the insurance business: European and national regulators, insurance associations,  insurance companies, banks, analysts,  consumer associations ...

This is also achieved through regular contacts with insurance companies, financial services companies and distributors.

Using this extensive knowledge base and proprietary analysis tools, FIMI provides unique research on hot topics such as market trends, changes in distribution, new product trends or the impacts of regulatory changes.



Strategy Consulting

FIMI is a research and strategy consulting company specialised in the European insurance and financial services industry

FIMI is an expert in the insurance and financial services industry and is fully dedicated to its area of expertise. FIMI's market intelligence experts have an in-depth knowledge of the European insurance and financial services industry, through previous experiences within insurance companies or as consultants.

To provide outstanding independent services to its clients, FIMI works in partnership with independent consultancies in various European countries. FIMI is also a member of several expert platforms.

FIMI provides its services to a variety of companies active in the insurance and financial services sectors, including banks, insurance companies, asset managers, management consultancies and actuarial consultancies.


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